Why Attend?

Five Reasons to Attend

  • Participate in 5 days of painting fun
  • Paint new contemporary and traditional project designs
  • Learn to paint, try a new medium, and grow your skills through excellent teaching instruction
  • Find new products and restock your art supplies at our Expo
  • Meet amazing people who love art through our social events and membership

Registration will open in December 2017.

Meet the Conference Artist

We are thrilled to have Erika Joanne as our 2018 Conference Artist! Erika became a member of the Society in 1999 after attending her first painting convention in Portland, OR. Decorative painting has opened many doors to her own creativity and has led her to sharing innovative ways to paint and create through classes, instructional packets and videos. She loves working with other artists and is currently the Editor of the Interactive Artist Magazine. You can view her artwork at erikajoanne.com.

10 Little Known Facts About Erika

  • My love of painting started in the 80s.
  • I could spend a whole day and more in a history museum.
  • I could spend several days and more in an art museum.
  • I start painting in a clean room and when I'm finished it looks like the room was turned upside down and sideways!
  • I'm the eldest child of 10 children.
  • Watching documentaries is one of my favorite things.
  • I also love to cross-country ski.
  • I want to learn how to play the fiddle like my great-grandpa someday.
  • My hope is to live past 100 and still be able to see and paint.
  • I begin and end my day with prayer and boy do I need it!

For Last Minute Back To The Beach Conference & Expo Registration or more information - 

Call us directly at:  (316) 269-9300

Or, e-mail us at:  SDP@DecorativePainters.org   

We’ll handle all the details for you & make the process easy!