2017 Passing Certification Entries

Watch the Society of Decorative Painters' Certification Committee first announce and present the passing entries of the 2017 Certification Program from the Annual Meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida. Click the button below to view the list of passing participants.

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This directory recognizes all of our current members who have earned Certification as an Accredited Decorative Painter (ADP), Certified Decorative Artist (CDA), or Master Decorative Artist (MDA).

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Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDAAbileneTXUnited States613343d2-bd80-42a5-ba64-8537ba837d28
Emi Sugie, CDAAichi Japan356a127c-fb02-498b-abaa-28550a3128f7
Kayoko Watanabe, CDAAichi Japan79eec2c3-b2e6-46d5-bc8e-39dea036c767
Hidemi Katsukura, MDAAichi Japan974dd993-a3e7-40b9-bb5a-786fbb25b632
Hisako Sakomura, CDAAichi Japand0093afc-1d4c-4e8a-ba88-7ff026923f7d
Nancy Scott, CDAAlbanyNYUnited States88bb6e91-a914-48f1-9264-14ece0db772b
Deborah Hoelzel, CDAAlburquerqueNMUnited Statesd9cb163d-909c-4704-beb9-b1b2f08bb437
Sharon Hamilton, MDAAlburtisPAUnited States0be5ba26-5628-4de4-a7b9-1b1a92063f6a
Mary Anne Kirkpatrick, CDAAlleganyNYUnited States7e9b81d7-0fcf-40cb-8a58-e8aea2aff0d9
Ann S. Grzymski, CDAApalachinNYUnited States77b69e32-520a-4b2d-8518-53e268c87153
Donna W. Wood, CDAArabALUnited Statesb8be876c-f918-4c15-9c8c-9bb74cf0e00a
Noreen Goetz, CDAAuroraCOUnited States96739c19-08f9-4e61-96aa-ad676fd0e332
Carolyn Kinney, CDAAuroraILUnited States64ad059f-374b-4832-a8fc-6a58ae055f6f
Carmelita Ducote, MDAAvondaleLAUnited States39a58fe5-5c42-4123-a1d6-d4ed7a70e117
Louise Handley, CDABandonORUnited Statesd24fca2f-ab97-41a3-aeea-0f422fd787d2
Ann Adlong, CDABaytownTXUnited States30c1fc1a-cbfc-425c-9597-148dd6c6eecd
Hong Cao, CDABeijing China1d84abb6-b59a-4b52-9034-7c380f3c685b
Kim Hogue, CDABellinghamMAUnited States73d84200-9595-473e-b696-76c2850f982b
Heidi H. Knorr, CDABig RiverCAUnited Statesb8b0b1fe-f4fe-41af-89a5-528ed15dbff1
Lisa Price, MDABirminghamALUnited States0f7de169-8138-4690-bf56-9ffa16e0a25f