Submitted by Suzanne Olson, Heart of Ohio Tole
(Editors Note: Many chapter members are seeking new and interesting ways to present installation ceremonies. Suzanne Olson was kind enough to share HOOT’s ceremony script, to inspire those who are creating or revamping their installation ceremony.)


“As an active member of the Heart of Ohio Tole Chapter, it is my privilege to serve the chapter by aiding in the installation of our officers. Our officers are elected annually and are expected to assume their duties as stated in the by-laws of the Chapter.

In 1972, the Society of Decorative Painters was formed. Over the years, membership in the society has grown to approximately 24,000 consisting of students, teachers and business owners. 

As the Society continued to flourish, 316 chapters developed throughout the world.  All members share the one interest that started it all -- DECORATIVE PAINTING.
With the development of chapters, there is a need for local leadership. Today, the officers of the Heart of Ohio Tole chapter will be installed using a theme of flowers. Just as each flower has certain characteristics and folklore associated with it, each officer of this chapter has specific duties and tasks associated with the office. Will the newly elected officers please come forward?

* The chrysanthemum stands for truth, and with truth comes trust symbolizing the office of Trustee. Your duties will include reviewing the treasurer’s books four times a year, maintaining a perpetual inventory of the property of the chapter and other duties as directed by the Chapter Board-of-Directors. (Pick up the chrysanthemum.) As you perform your duties as trustee may this chrysanthemum, symbolizing truth, remind you of your duties. Best wishes for a thriving year. (Give the chrysanthemum to the Trustee).

* The sunflower’s turning, as it follows the sun across the sky, provides an image of potent loyalty. Loyalty to the chapter describes one of the attributes necessary for you to perform the duties of Corresponding Secretary as you prepare and edit the Chapter Newsletter. (Pick up the sunflower). As you perform your duties as Corresponding Secretary, may this sunflower represent the pride that you take in preparing it, the sunshine that it offers, and the adoration of the chapter members. Best wishes for a thriving year. (Give the sunflower to the Corresponding Secretary).

* The daisy is the flower that symbolizes the Recording Secretary. Daisies were believed to have fortune-telling powers, especially in the area of love. Many young maidens removed the petals one-by-one while chanting, “He loves me. He loves me not.” Your duties will include taking minutes at all business meetings of the Chapter, Board-of-Directors and Executive Committee. (Pick up the daisy).  As you write up the organization’s various actions, may this daisy help you to correctly record: “This motion passed. The motion passed not.” Best wishes for a thriving year. (Give the daisy to the Recording Secretary).

* The peony symbolizes prosperity in certain cultures and with prosperity comes the need for a Treasurer. Your duties will include collecting and depositing money, writing checks and giving financial reports to the Chapter Board-of-Directors and Chapter Members. (Pick up the peony). As you perform your duties as treasurer, may this peony, symbolizing prosperity, remind you of your duties.  Best wishes for a thriving year and a balanced budget. (Give the peony to the Treasurer).

* The iris symbolizes faith, wisdom, promise and hope. Your duties as Second-Vice President involve planning special seminars. (Pick up the iris) As you perform your duties as Second-Vice President, may this iris, symbolizing wisdom, guide you when selecting teachers and projects to faithfully promote decorative painting to Chapter Members. Best wishes for a thriving year. (Give the iris to the Second-Vice President).

* The zinnia is a flower that symbolizes absence and goodness. Your duties as First-Vice President involve presiding at meetings when the president is unable to attend, and planning and implementing chapter meetings. (Pick up the zinnia). As you perform your duties as First-Vice President, may this zinnia, symbolizing absence and goodness guide you. Best wishes for a thriving year. (Give the zinnia to the First-Vice President).

* The rose is the flower that symbolizes the president. Unparalleled in beauty to any other flower, the rose is considered to be the “queen flower.” It is cultivated for its beauty, medicinal uses and distinctive fragrance. Grace and elegance are associated with the rose. Your duties will include presiding at all chapter meetings, keeping up on all chapter matters, and representing your chapter. You now hold the chapter’s highest office which makes you the “queen” member of your organization. (Pick up the rose). As you lead your chapter, may this symbolic rose help you fulfill your many duties with grace and elegance. Best wishes for a thriving year. (Give the rose to the President).

* (Addressing the Members) Chapter members, you are the other flowers in this garden. Like these flowers your attributes are important and needed in order for the chapter to flourish and achieve its goals. When you support one another and work together, your chapter will flourish and grow. Best wishes for a thriving year.

* (Addressing the officers as a group) Officers, as you prepare to return to your seats, please place your flower in the vase on the table along with those representing chapter members. Each of these flowers represents your unique individual talents and will join together to create our united chapter bouquet.