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Chapters: Inspire Every Member!
Contest Deadline Reminder
Conference Round Up
         BOGO! Split Registration with a Friend!
         Banquet Tables
         Chapters/Members Gathering is for Everyone!
         Chapters Marketplace
         Painted Quilts
         Sponsors Needed

S’More Painting
Tips for Pen and Ink Designs
Happy Anniversary, Violets!
Moo from the Heart
Honoring Charter Members
Important Memories

• Chapters: Inspire Every Member!

Dear SDP Members:

Now is the time to plan your 2009 budget. Be sure to include activities that will Share the Magic of Painting.

Throw a Learn To Paint  party: see page 121 in the Fall 2008 issue of The Decorative Painter for ideas. October is Decorative Painting Month. Create a display of your beautiful painted works at the library or other public place. Host a Bring a Friend activity in your chapter in 2009. Plan ahead and make sure these events are in your budget. New members will bring new ideas and excitement to your chapter!

Please remind chapter members that 2009 SDP membership is due before December 1, so they can avoid the $5 late fee. Be sure to ask for the 2009 SDP membership card when renewing chapter membership.

As your SDP President, I have set a goal to increase membership by 3000 members in 2009. I look forward to you being a part of this effort, not just by bringing in new members, but also by retaining your current members. We can’t afford to lose a single member, so make sure your Membership officer contacts every person who fails to renew chapter membership and invites them to come back. Create a list of fun activities and learning opportunities the chapter has scheduled for the next year and be ready to tell your members why they should continue to be a part of your chapter.

Let’s work together to keep SDP strong, because a strong organization is good for painting, and painters, everywhere!

Linda Biedermann TDA
President, Society of Decorative Painters

Contest Deadline Reminder

Attention Chapters! You’ve done a great job recruiting for 2008, now it’s time to let Headquarters know about the results. Contact your Chapters Coordinator, Dee Guthrie, and let her know how many new members you added between Sept. 1, 2007 and Aug. 31, 2008. The complete rules are listed in the Fall Issue of the 2008 Decorative Painter. The winning chapter will win a free three-day seminar with Neadeen Masters CDA courtesy of DecoArt and JansenArt Traditions. Wonderful second and third places prize packages are being provided by Royal Brush and Loew Cornell. Thank you to our contest sponsors! Call Dee before Oct. 15 with your final numbers at (316) 269-9300, ext. 0 or email

Conference Round Up

Your Conference Special—packed with terrific Conference classes and events—will arrive with your Winter issue of The Decorative Painter magazine. There are projects of every media and for every level of painter, as well as wonderful parties and your chance to shop, shop, shop! And if all that activity won't make you dust off your suitcase, how about discounted registration? Check this out: Bring one member, new or current, who has never attended an SDP Conference, and you can split your registration fee with that member. It's always more fun with a friend, and with this deal, cheaper too! Here are the details:

BOGO! Split Registration with a Friend!

Conference registration is just around the corner, and you can save money by splitting the registration fee with a friend! Bring one member—new or current—who has never attended an SDP Conference and you can split the registration fee. To be eligible for this discount, both members must send their forms to SDP by mail or fax at the same time. (Discount does not apply to online registration or partial registration). You must also include the name of the member with whom you are splitting the registration cost. This discount applies to preregistration participants only. Offer expires April 24, 2009 and is not available to one day registrants or those who register on site.

Banquet Tables
By Sherry Choquette

We’d like to welcome everyone to join us as we travel the world of decorative painting. So many places and good times have influenced our painting. Why not translate your painting experiences into a beautiful Banquet table at Peoria Conference? The theme of this year’s conference is “Painting: Passport to Fun" and you can express the theme or any idea you wish with your table. Create a centerpiece to be given away to someone seated at the table, as well as other giveaways such as favors, placemats and so on, if you wish. Each table will seat 10 people, and tablecloths, plates, silverware, and water glasses are provided by the hotel. The only thing that cannot be used is helium balloons. Start thinking of fun ideas and reserve your table to decorate by contacting me at

Chapters/Members Gathering is for Everyone!
By Darla Foreman, Chair of the Chapters Committee

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful Chapters Gathering we had in Tampa. I learned so much. One important thing I learned is that there is a great misunderstanding about the Chapters Gathering. It is a great Conference event for all SDP members, not just chapter presidents or chapter officers. Each year a wide variety of topics are discussed and a lot of great information is handed out to all in attendance. Don’t miss out on a passport to a Great Chapter and a passport to fun with painting friends. I challenged all who attended the Gathering in Tampa to bring one or two friends to the Peoria Gathering. If you attended in Tampa don’t forget this challenge! There will be a special reward for those who meet this challenge.

The Peoria Conference Special will be arriving at your door very soon. Please take out your registration form and check the Chapters/Members Gathering so you can join us for breakfast and fun!

Chapters Marketplace

This wonderful event has become one of the best attended at Conference. And with good reason! This fun-filled night offers bargains, entertainment, and the chance to reunite with friends. Chapters are encouraged to purchase a table for $20 and sell charms, pins, painted items or gadgets. If you would like to book a table for your chapter, email Proceeds from sales of items at the chapter’s tables go to benefit the chapters.

Painted Quilts
By Darla Foreman, Chair of the Chapters Committee

Along with all of the other fun at the 2009 SDP Conference in Peoria we will be celebrating painted quilts. Do you have a painted quilt in your personal collection you’d like to show to other members? Has your chapter painted a quilt? Maybe your chapter is selling quilt drawing tickets to raise funds. Now you will have a chance to display your treasure. We will create a display of painted quilts for all to see in Peoria. If you have a quilt you would like to display, contact the Chapters Committee to sign up. Email for information on how to participate.

If your Chapter is participating in Chapters Marketplace, we welcome you to display your quilt and sell drawing tickets during the Marketplace only. The quilts will then be taken for display to the Expo floor. A make-it-take-it area will be set up to show quilters and non-painters the basics about how to paint on fabric. (Maybe you’d like to volunteer?) Help us spread the word about fabric painting during the Expo. Sign up today to display your painted quilt.

Sponsors Needed
By Darla Foreman, Chair of the Chapters Committee

Did you know there are costs associated with every event at the SDP conference? We could not have a Conference if it were not for the generous donations of sponsors. Each of the chapter events require sponsorship, too. Could your chapter help support a chapter event at Peoria Conference? The following events need sponsors: Chapters/Members Gathering, Chapter Presidents’ Reception, Chapters’ Marketplace, and the new Quilt Display. Any donation would be appreciated. Donations may be sent to SDP in care of Dee Guthrie, SDP Chapters Coordinator. Your donations will be recognized in the Conference Program Booklet. We thank you so much for your consideration!

• S’More Painting

TheLittle Rhody Rembrandts held their third annual S'Mores Painting Weekend at the Alton Jones Campus of the University of Rhode Island in April. Guest instructors, Carol Kernozek and Barbara Smith taught projects in oils, watercolors and acrylics for a fun-filled weekend. Here we are with some of our works in progress.

•Tips for Pen and Ink Designs

From the Southern Gardenia Tolers newsletter, Gardenia Gab

  • Non-Photo Blue Pencil will not come out on copy machines.
  • Grid Paper (Pale Blue) (Laminate It) helps to keep the design straight, but does not show up when copied.
  • Neither pencil nor ink pen will reproduce well on copier. Use tech pen.
  • Use White-Out to cover details behind other items.
  • Put tape over White-Out so you can continue inking.
  • Proof it on a copy machine.
  • Set up still life and take digital photos different angles.
  • Photograph everything outside under gray skies.
  • Purchase a container for designs and put in the following:
    • X-Acto Knife
    • White-Out
    • Scissors
    • Tech Pen
    • Acrylic
    • Ink
    • Windex
    • Light Box
    • Photos
    • Cotton Swabs
    • Transparent Tape
    • Oil Paints
    • Transparentizing Oil Gel
    • Liberty Matte Spray
    • Brushes

• Happy Anniversary, Violets!

Barbara Boardman, Brushing Violets of New Jersey
On June 4, we had a 20th anniversary celebration lunch with 43 current members and eleven past members attending as guests. The event was catered. We had hand painted centerpieces along with chapter pin favors. Several freestanding photo boards displayed many past seminars, luncheons, and chapter events. We even had a history lesson presented by Mary Ann Carpenter, a charter member. We also had a lovely cake!

In the photo are, from left to right, past members Lorraine Jones and Fran Perlman along with current members Mary Ann Carpenter and Lucy Fleno.

• Moo from the Heart

By Peggy Jones, Poinsettia Painters
One of the charitable projects Poinsettia Painters supports is a local Ventura County group called Hats from the Heart. Every month pins of every shape are painted to put on fabric hats that are sewn by some of the chapter members and also community members for women who are losing their hair as a result of chemotherapy treatments. In the spring, our chairwoman Barbara Masci had her husband cut cows to paint. A contest was held and awards given at the annual June BBQ. Of course, all the prizes were related—Cow Wind Chimes was one. The cows were moovalous and the creativity of our members was outstanding. We will never think of cows as just black and white again.

•Honoring Charter Members

By Vivian Byrd, Heart of Carolina Tolers
Although a core group of ladies in the Triangle began painting together in 1985, it was in 1987 that the group received its SDP charter as the Heart of Carolina Tolers. In an effort to honor these original members, the current members greeted them with hand-painted club logo pins at a Charter Members Luncheon on Aug. 16 at the Citivan Club in Durham, NC. All attendees were invited to bring show and tell projects and scrapbooks. After visiting, perusing the show and tell table, reminiscing, and dining, the honorees departed with handpainted pots of plants, certificates, and lifetime memberships to the local club. There were many suggestions that this should become an annual August event.

Pictured in the photo are, standing from left, Mamie Mullins, Becky Keith, Nancy Tillerson, Jean Grigston Groon, Pat Coghill, Becky Boothe, and Evelyn Williams. Seated from left, are Bennie Penny, Barbara Currie, and Margaret Pickett. Our loving thoughts were with the family of charter member Marty Six who passed away on Aug. 16.

•Important Memories

By Peggy Jones, San Gabriel Valley Tole and Decorative Painters
Our chapter, the San Gabriel Valley Tole and Decorative Painters, has an outstanding Memory Box program this year. Chaired by Lynn Zonick and Vi San Pedro, it shipped 411 memory boxes by August alone! Our Memory Box group meets twice each month to paint, decoupage, and create. There are those who contribute with their monetary donations. Special thanks to April Gillin, Sharon Bray, Rosanne Scholey, and Helga Mycroft who consistently volunteer to host a painting session and provide hot and delicious food. What an outstanding group of women! It is so gratifying to see all the helping hands and the many volunteers that it takes. We have ladies who take home boxes to basecoat, some who take boxes home and return with finished pieces, and those who help by varnishing the finished pieces. Each person contributes in their own way. Thank you, everyone, for your heartfelt gift.

• About Chapter Happenings

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