The Society of Decorative Painters | Chapter Happenings | Volume 4 Issue 2 August 2008
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A Message from Our President
The SDP Code of Ethics
Quilt Drawing
Chapter Handbook
Learn to Paint
Wanted: SDP Ambassadors
Painting with Mark
Catching Up with Yellow Rose
A Deserving Student
Pennies for Painters
Mystery Revealed
Roses Among the Roses
An Experience to Treasure
Chapter Snapshots

• A Message from Our President

Dear SDP Members:
Welcome to another issue of Chapter Happenings. If your chapter friends are not receiving this, it means they have not provided SDP with a current email address or their copy is going to a spam folder because they have not put SDP’s email address in their address book. Chapter Presidents, please print a copy of this newsletter and bring it to your Board and chapter meetings to make sure the information gets shared with everyone. Encourage your members to keep their email address up-to-date with SDP headquarters. Feel free to print articles from this e-zine in your chapter newsletter. 

Speaking of Chapter newsletters, when was the last time you published SDP’s Code of Ethics in your newsletter? A copy appeared on the back cover of the Spring 2008 Decorative Painter magazine. Society Board members are often contacted for advice on chapter “problems.” Almost every situation we hear about would not have occurred if chapter members had followed the Code of Ethics.

Individual members and Chapter Boards can evaluate chapter health by asking these questions: Are your chapter members friendly and cooperative with each other? Does your chapter welcome new members and new ideas? Do you listen thoughtfully to others, instead of making up your mind that you will oppose change? Do you look for ideas to create new excitement and fun in your chapter?  If someone offends you, do you go to that person and try to “clear the air,” instead of “airing your dirty laundry in public”? If you cannot answer all these questions with a resounding, “Yes!” I challenge you to read the Code of Ethics out loud and take the pledge to adhere to it. Attitude is everything.

Paint happy!
Linda Biedermann TDA, President, Society of Decorative Painters

Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to younot because they are nice, but because you are.  —Author Unknown

The SDP Code of Ethics

We, as members of the Society of Decorative Painters, in order to encourage interest in and appreciation for the art of decorative painting, and provide encouragement and support of the Society itself, do pledge our adherence to this code of ethical behavior. The Society’s code is an expression of its members’ determination to maintain high professional standards, and the conscience of the individual who subscribes to this code is the only guarantee of its effectiveness. I pledge myself:

  • To promote a climate of genuine respect, mutual cooperation, and friendship among all members.
  • To seek and maintain associations with fellow members for the purpose of creating a friendly atmosphere in which the free exchange of opinions, ideas, and knowledge will be mutually beneficial and enjoyable.
  • To understand the necessity for mutual cooperation among all members: students, teachers, shop owners, authors, publishers, manufacturers, and distributors, recognizing the diversity of philosophies, painting methods, techniques, and media that makes the Society unique.
  • To maintain the highest standard of honesty and to assure that all promotion and advertising shall be free of claims which are false, misleading, or disparaging.
  • To recognize that the primary purpose of the Society’s emblem is to promote or stimulate interest in the art of decorative painting, and that the use of this emblem reflects the reputation of the Society itself.
  • To be aware of and comply with all copyright laws both as they pertain to the misuse of artwork created by another and as they pertain to the reproduction of patterns, drawings, books, designs, and all published material.
  • To conduct myself with courtesy, thoughtfulness, and fairness to others.
  • To adhere faithfully to this code of ethics and by good example inspire my fellow members to do likewise.

Quilt Drawing

If you attended 2008 SDP Conference in Tampa you already know about the darling Santa and Snowman quilt we are drawing for on Nov. 7. If you couldn’t make it to Tampa, you still have the opportunity to get drawing tickets! The twenty blocks for this sweet queen-sized quilt were handpainted by the members of the 2007/08 SDP Board of Directors. The proceeds from your entries to this first annual quilt drawing will benefit the SDP Foundation. Download the drawing ticket here, Print as many as you wish and send the tickets and your donation to: Quilt Drawing, SDP, 393 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS, 67203. The suggested donation is $1 per ticket or $5 per 6. Good luck!

Chapter Handbook

By Dee Guthrie, SDP Chapters Coordinator
Attention Chapter Presidents! Do you have the latest edition of the SDP Chapter Handbook? The current handbook is now available online in the Chapter section of the SDP website. Download it here or visit the website at

Learn to Paint

A brand new Learn to Paint project by Chris Thornton-Deason debuted at 2008 SDP Conference. This fun and easy project is the perfect way to introduce never-before painters to our favorite art form! You’ll find this project, “Terra Cotta Makeover,” in Issue #3 of The Decorative Painter with tips for throwing a painting party for your beginning painter friends. You can also download it from the website.  Remember: new painters translate to new SDP members!

 Wanted: SDP Ambassadors

We want you … to be an SDP Ambassador! Ambassadors share information about decorative painting and the Society, helping to recruit members and keep SDP growing. It is strongly suggested that all chapters have an Ambassador and those that have an active Ambassador receive points towards their Chapter Achievement Award. Anyone can be an Ambassador. Simply email and request an Ambassador Kit. The updated kits will be mailed out around Sept. 1. Kits contain everything you need to tell the world about decorative painting and SDP, including a presentation script, membership brochures, PowerPoint presentation on disc, talking points, sample magazines, and your Ambassador pin and ribbon. The Ambassador who recruits the most new members between Sept. 1, 2008 and May 30, 2009 will be honored as Ambassador of the Year at 2009 Conference in Peoria. Join the Ambassador team today!


By Dee Guthrie, SDP Chapters Coordinator
In order to remain an affiliated chapter of the Society, certain requirements must be met. I have been going over the information that is sent out to chapters concerning insurance, annual chapter fees and reports. All of these reports have deadlines that reflect on the outcome of the Chapter Achievement Awards. I also use these reports to keep current listings of chapters for new members who are looking for a chapter in their area. It is very important that your chapter be up-to-date on fees and that we have the correct officers listed for your chapter. These forms can also be found on the website at Just click on chapter information and then on forms. If you do not have access to a printer, you can email me at or call me at (316) 269-9300, ext. 101 and I will be glad to mail the forms to you. The 2009 forms will be mailed in October to the 2008 presidents to fill out and mail in along with the CAA form and insurance. Please feel free to contact me, too, if you ever have questions or ideas. As your Chapters Coordinator, I’m here for you!

Painting with Mark

By Sandy Young, Heart of Michigan Decorative Artists
The Heart of Michigan Decorative Artists enjoyed a seminar with watercolor artist Mark Polomchak in March. Mark is not only an excellent artist but also entertained us with his beautiful piano playing. HOMDA painters went home with watercolor paintings of an Adirondack chair and a round winter barn scene.

Catching Up with Yellow Rose

By Marie Lyons, Yellow Rose Chapter
Imagine, almost six months into the year 2008! Where does the time go? The Yellow Rose Chapter of Dallas, Texas hosted a cruise in February for its members and invitees from all over the U.S. The cruise teachers were Carolee Cisco, Linda McDonald, Sharron White, Nancy Genetti, and Barbara Revitt. The week-long cruise went to Jamaica, Cozumel, and Cabo Sainte Lucas.

Then in March and April, the chapter spent its time getting ready for Chapter Marketplace in Tampa. Paint was flowing freely during those months. May 17 was the Mad Painters Tea Party. All current and former Yellow Rose members were invited. The Donna Williams Outer Banks Lighthouse watercolor workshop was also in May. A busy month!

Now that the Tampa conference is over, we have exciting news about our Yellow Rose Chapter President Nancy Genetti. Nancy was elected Vice President/President Elect of the Society of Decorative Painters. Also, one of our members, Sharron White, passed the requirements for Teacher of Decorative Arts. Congratulations to both Nancy and Sharon for a job well done and congratulations to all the members of SDP who entered into the CDA and MDA certification program. The pieces were beautiful!

Several members of the Yellow Rose Chapter are participating in David Jansen’s art study of Vanity Painting by Willem van Aelst, a one-year online study. Our members are using Traditions paint for this project. It has been very interesting working with the global palette.

We are hosting a Roxanne Jarvis seminar, October 18-19. The Saturday project is a screen called “Garden Keep” and the Sunday project is the “To All a Goodnight” shoe. If you are interested in attending, contact our Seminar Chair Sharon Warren for class fee and surface info at (972) 985-4544 or email her at Sharon can also fill you in on our other workshops. That’s all for now. We hope you’ll visit us at

• A Deserving Student

By Barbara Sirianni, Ouachita Decorative Artists
Ouachita Decorative Artists of Hot Springs Village, Ark., presented a $1,000 scholarship to Kaelyn Elliott. Muriel Bell, ODA Scholarship Chair, presented the scholarship to Kaelyn who will attend Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Ark., and pursue a major in Art Education. Kaelyn's talent, recommendations from her teachers, and desire to become a teacher herself were the factors which led to her selection. This is the eleveth year that ODA has awarded this scholarship. Funds are raised by members through various means throughout the year, including a craft show and sale, bake sale, and the sale of raffle tickets for exceptional pieces of decorative art donated by talented ODA members.

Pennies for Painters

By Toni Hoffer, Heart of Pinellas Decorative Artists
Our chapter, Heart of Pinellas Decorative Artists, passes a star covered container around at chapter meetings. The members throw their loose change in the container. The money is then used for members who are having financial difficulty and can’t afford to pay their chapter membership or national dues. We have collected $182 since the first of the year and have helped three members.  They are so grateful to be able to continue doing what they love—painting!!

• Mystery Revealed

By Sheila Rouse, Penn’s Woods Painters
Penn’s Woods Painters’ Mystery Day was a great success! Members were told only that they were going to have a day of fun and to bring their painting supplies. Upon arrival, everyone was given a brightly colored lei and visor to decorate and wear. Once we registered, however, the mystery was revealed: we were going to paint treasure boxes ... and paint, we did! Fun door prizes were distributed to each and every participant throughout the day. We had two VIP guests— Zembo Shrine official Mick Govora and his wife Kim. The chapter board members provided a wonderful lunch, beverages and desserts. A most touching moment was when PWP member Lois Eckert presented the fez that had belonged to her late father-in-law to Mick, who is the Oriental Guide of the Zembo Shrine in Harrisburg. The fez had finally come home after thirty years.

Not only did Kim Govora decide to join our chapter, we’re already making plans for joint projects with the Shriners for the future!

Thanks to the twenty-nine people who participated and our teachers for the day, Dottie Shultz and Hilary Felinski. We painted fifty boxes for the Shriners’ child patients. The treasure boxes painted by PWP members will go to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. Our new Shriner friends will be transporting the boxes for our chapter to the Children’s Hospital each month. 

• Roses Among the Roses

By Tina Greenfield, Capitolers
The Capitolers celebrated the Thirtieth anniversary of the group's founding June 8-11 with a four-day oil and acrylic seminar taught by SDP Past President Ginger Edwards (seated, second from left). It was particularly inspiring to paint Ginger's signature flowers at the Cornell Cooperative Extension outside of Albany, New York, since the Cooperative Extension showcases themed gardens cultivated by regional master gardeners.

• An Experience to Treasure

By Phyllis Kohnke, Windy Brushes of Northern Illinois
On May 7, four members of Windy Brushes of Northern Illinois presented one hundred Treasure Boxes to Donations Coordinator Mary MCCauley at Shriners Hospital for Children Chicago. The Treasure Boxes were painted by Windy Brushes members as a philanthropic project. Each child being treated at Shriners Hospital received a Treasure Box to store cards, awards and trinkets while receiving treatment. After the presentation, Windy Brushes members Ann Johnson, Toni Girtin, and Linda Kinnaman were given a tour of the hospital and learned that all the children there are treated free of charge. The facilities were impressive, and the staff and upbeat environment was great. The children who come to this hospital are truly lucky to have so many wonderful, caring people to look after them and the members of Windy Brushes were happy to be able to make their stay memorable in a small way.

• Congratulations!

By Mary Clegg CDA, Gypsy Tolers of Southern California
During our general meeting, the Gypsy Tolers honored Dianne Crowther MDA, for her achievement: receiving MDA certification this year. The Tolers presented her with two dozen pink roses. We are so very proud of her. This achievement is just one of many for her. She is amazing. Dianne has been active in our Chapter since she began painting and is one of our past presidents. While at convention she attended the Chapter Gathering on behalf of our chapter and gave a very informative report to our members upon her return. She also shared with us her beautiful Master stroke tray, which was her entry this year. Congratulations, Dianne!

• Chapter Snapshots

Brevard Brush Strokes of Melbourne, Fla., celebrated its Tenth Anniversary in June. Five Past Presidents were there to celebrate with a cake and luncheon. Pictured from left are: Mary Jane Smith, Donna Dunn, Alise Duerr, Earlene Ranew, Connie Bridge. Photo submitted by Alise Duerr

The Tulsa Town Tolers had a wonderful time painting with Peggy Harris, who they described as a “very giving and generous teacher.” Photo submitted by Betty Anne Anderson

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