The Society of Decorative Painters | Chapter Happenings | Volume 1 Issue 1 | March 2005


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Are you registered for Conference yet?

You’re not?! It’s not too late. Grab your “Beach Blanket Paintin’ Party” Conference Special catalog, pick up the phone and call (316) 269-9300 ext. 101. Or sign up online. (It’s the easy, new way to register.) Don’t miss out on the fun. There are lots of wonderful classes still available. Many of the most popular are being repeated. Go to today to view the latest list of classes. For the best selection, however, don’t delay. Registration by phone, and online, continues through April 15. After that time, you’ll need to register on-site in Tampa.

• On the road: Tips for planning chapter trips

By Bruce Thompson
Wisconsin Turp ‘n’ Stein

In 1996, Wisconsin Turp ‘n’ Stein chapter members requested that I look into the possibility of organizing a “bus” trip for our chapter to the HOOT convention in Columbus, Ohio. This was a 468-mile trip, each way, from the Milwaukee area to Columbus. A number of the members wanted a “get their feet wet” trip -- one without classes, primarily to see, visit and shop the big exhibit hall. We left at 5 a.m., got to Columbus about 2 p.m. (a different time zone), shopped until 8 p.m., then to the motel, up early and back to the exhibit hall until noon and then back on the “bus” for the drive home. It was a flying trip, and as I write it now sounds like a lot of driving and not much fun … but we had a ball! Click here to read this complete story.

Draw a Pig

Submitted by Megan Capuano
Here’s a fast and fun project chapter members can do together. Have one person lead this project. The leader asks everyone to get out a pencil and paper. Then she says, “Draw a pig.” No directions or details. Just, “Draw a pig.”
After members are done, have them analyze the drawing.
If the pig is:
Drawn at the top of the page: The artist is positive and optimistic.
Drawn at the bottom of the page: The artist is pessimistic and has a tendency to behave negatively.
Drawn in the middle of the page: The artist is realistic and does not tend to be judgmental.
Facing left: The artist is traditional and friendly.
Facing right: The artist is innovative and active.
Facing forward: The artist is direct and neither fears nor avoids analytical discussion.
If the pig has:
Many details: The artist is analytical and cautious.
Few details: The artist is emotional, naive and a risk-taker.
Four legs: The artist is secure, stubborn and sticks to her ideals.
Less than four legs: The artist is insecure or living through a period of major change.
The larger the pig's ears, the better listener the artist is.
The longer the pig's tail, the more satisfied the artist is with the quality of her creative life.


• Spread the joy of painting: Mentor a new painter

By Bettie Land
Ouachita Decorative Artists

Often it is difficult for a new painter to begin decorative painting. About four years ago I had an opportunity through the local chapter in my community to take a one-day seminar for anyone interested in learning about decorative painting. The “Learn to Paint” class, which was sponsored by the Society of Decorative Painters, was free, and all supplies were furnished. My daughter and I both took the class. We painted a really pretty heart box, and were taught a sponge faux-finish technique, as well as how to paint leaves. There were many experienced painters on hand to help those of us who felt lost.
Click here to read this complete story.

• Project Idea

By Karen Black
Endless Mountain Tole and Decorative Painters

Handpainted coffee mugs by Karen Black of Endless Mountain Tole and Decorative Painters in Dushore, Pennsylvania.

(Congratulations to Karen Black who is teaching at her chapter meetings for the first time!) I will be teaching a lace pattern with shamrocks on coffee mugs using Plaid FolkArt Enamels. This is something simple for the spring season. I’ll be selling these mugs at a local coffee house that features a lot of Celtic musicians. Our local Dollar Store started bringing in white mugs especially for me, and discovered that colored ones are available. Plaid FolkArt Enamels are fired right in your own oven and are quite permanent. I took a mug and left it in my dishwasher to test it. After 15 washes, it still looked just-painted. I painted burgundy ones for Christmas with trees and snow as gifts. I hand-painted sherry glasses, too, as gifts. First, I painted the word “celebrate” on them, then painted confetti all over the glasses. I never received so many written thank-you cards before!

• We want you … to volunteer!

Volunteers are still needed for SDP’s 33rd Annual Conference and Expo, May 23-28 in Tampa, Fla. As a Conference volunteer, you can earn your volunteer charm, support SDP, meet new friends and have a lot of fun – all at the same time! Volunteers are needed in many areas, including:

  • Greeters at the airport and hotels
  • Classroom setup team member
  • Information booth helper
  • Sales boutique
  • Teacher assistant
  • Translator
  • Banquet setup team member
  • Local members to solicit prizes from restaurants and so on in the Tampa area
  • Election tellers
  • And much more
  • Even if you are unable to attend Conference, we can use your help painting favors and centerpieces for Banquet. Did you know? Do you have a spouse or friend who will be attending Conference with you? Encourage them to volunteer, too. Anyone can volunteer for Conference. The only volunteer position that requires that the volunteer be a member is Election Teller. Click HERE to download the Volunteer Form. For more information, call Ann Johnson at (630) 665-0108 or e-mail her at

    • Attention Membership Chairperson

    You’ve got a big job. Could you use some suggestions and samples to make your job a little easier? Bruce Thompson of Wisconsin Turp ‘n’ Stein in Waukesha, Wis., has kindly provided the job description for member chair and several sample membership letters so you can see how his chapter handles membership duties. All of the officers in Turp ‘n’ Stein wrote their own job description, and you’ll have a chance to download some of those in future issues of Chapter Happenings. Click HERE to download these Member Chair documents.

    • You knew this already, didn’t you?

    This helpful list, “Seminar and Class Rules of Etiquette” was found on the Internet and provided by Cherise Schlicher, President of Desert Sunset Painters in Palmdale, Calif. Click here to read this complete story.

    • Bring a Friend to Paint

    Here’s a fun way to increase chapter membership that offers advantages for everyone: chapters, businesses, teachers and new painters! Host a Bring a Friend to Paint event. It’s this easy: Click here to read this complete story.

    • Chapter Participation Area

    Are you looking for a way to share chapter information and recruit new members at Tampa Conference? Then plan to make your chapter part of the Chapter Information Area. The Chapter Information Area is being made available for the first time this year and is a great place to show off your chapter by giving you a place to distribute your brochure, newsletters, pictures, etc., on a 2-by-3 foot tabletop display. No sales will be allowed in this area. For additional information or to sign up your chapter, call Ann Johnson at (630) 665-0108 or e-mail her at

    • Chapter Q&A

    By Mary Cobble, Chapter Services Coordinator
    I receive many questions from members by e-mail, and the answers to those questions are information that most members could benefit from. That’s why I created this new column to give you answers to your questions about chapter-related activities. If you have a question you would like me to consider for this column, please e-mail it to me at
    Or you can mail it to me:
    Mary Cobble
    Chapter Services Coordinator
    393 McLean Blvd.
    Wichita, KS 67203-5968
    And now for our first question! One of the things chapter members most frequently ask is:
    Q: How can we increase our chapter’s membership numbers?
    A: I would recommend requesting a zip code list. These lists are prepared using zip codes, which you provide to us. I would also recommend using just the first three digits of the zip codes in your area, in order to get the largest number of local SDP members. The zip code list is also a good way to verify that your members have paid the current SDP dues. Once you have your zip code list, mail an invitation to one of your meetings to each and every member on the list. Often members haven’t joined your group only because they haven’t heard about you yet. You’d be surprised how many painters will take you up on your invitation and, once they meet your group, join your chapter. If you want to give this approach a try, just give me a call at (316) 269-9300 ext. 107, or e-mail me at and I’ll prepare a zip code list for your chapter. This is one of the many services SDP offers its members and is free of charge. Do you have ideas for increasing membership in your chapter? Let us know and we’ll share your ideas in an upcoming issue of Chapter Happenings.

    • Timely items

  • If you wish to vote for SDP candidates by absentee ballot, you must request your ballot by April 8. The completed ballot must be postmarked by April 22. Please ask your chapter members to participate and make their vote count!
  • If you are shipping items to the SDP office for placement in the Chapter Art Show & Auction, they must be received by April 30, 2005. This year, there are 107 entries, so be sure to stop by the Chapter Art Show & Auction to view all of the beautiful works of art. Remember, if yours is the winning bid, you must pick up your item between 3-6 p.m. on Friday, May 27, or between 10 a.m. and noon on Saturday, May 28. This schedule is tentative, so please refer to your Conference Program Book in Tampa to confirm the dates and times.

  • • Chapter Snapshots

    Dolly Lancaster, 90, active member of Yankee Heritage Tole Chapter, showing off her handpainted sneakers and how limber she is at her age!
    Photo submitted by Jo Madden.

    Program Chairperson Brenda Toomath, left, and President Lory van Lieshout celebrate with the 65 members of Leatherstocking Decorative Artists of Westmoreland, N.Y. As of August 2004, LDA has been an affiliated SDP chapter for 10 years. Photo submitted by Jane Williams.

    Members of the Golden Triangle Decorative Painters, located near Pittsburgh, Pa., pose with diaper bags they painted for newborns in need.
    Photo submitted by Debbie Carosone.


    •About Chapter Happenings

    Chapter Happenings is published bimonthly by the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) for members of its affiliated chapters. Do you have a story, photo or idea for Chapter Happenings? E-mail Mary Cobble at