The Society of Decorative Painters | Chapter Happenings | Volume 3 Issue 1 March 2007
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A Message from Our President
Spread the Word
Chapter Marketplace
Banquet Tables
Chapter Community Challenge
Honor Our Best
Booth Opportunity for Chapters
Call for Volunteers
Caring for Children
Youth Art Month
Apple Valley Paint-In
Christmas with Donna
Treasured Experiences
Colorful Palettes
Painting Ladies
Send a Card to a Soldier
Ornaments for Anaheim
Chapter Snapshots

• A Message from Our President

By Darla Foreman, SDP President
Excitement is in the air and you won’t want to miss a single minute! Did you know there is a special event planned for every day of our 35th Annual SDP Conference? Monday’s event is the Chapter Marketplace. Chapters sell their items to each other and have a great time. Tuesday’s special is Jo Sonja Jansen’s quilt seminar, free for those staying at the Hilton Anaheim (our Conference hotel). Wednesday will be the 35th Annual Meeting and the Expo grand opening for registered attendees only. Thursday is the opening reception for the SDP Gallery. Friday is Wear Your Art Day as well as the fun and informational Chapter Gathering. Saturday’s highlight is the Annual Banquet, where we’ll celebrate SDP’s 35th birthday. Chapters are signing up to decorate a Banquet table now. Please email and sign up your chapter today. Beginning Monday, May 28, classes are available from some of SDP’s favorite teachers. Visit the newly designed website to view all the available classes:

Recently I attended another conference at the Anaheim Hilton and Convention Center. The feeling of security was so comforting and it was so easy to get from the hotel to the convention center. The escalators and elevators are very accessible and the Expo floor is easy to locate. Classrooms at both the Hilton and Convention Center are wonderful. The lighting is very nice and all walls are solid with no curtained classrooms. Locating the classrooms in the Hilton was very easy, as they are all on the same floor. I hope to see all of you in sunny California, May 28-June 2. When making reservations at the Hilton, ask for the SDP Conference room block rate. If you have any problems with reservations, call Lori at (316) 269-9300 or email and don’t forget to download a Super Shuttle discount coupon from the website. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim!

• Spread the Word

By Teri Mott, SDP Communications Coordinator
Thank you so much to all the readers of Chapter Happenings. All of us at SDP really appreciate your nice comments and wonderful ideas in regards to this e-zine. We are so happy that e-mail has given us a way to communicate with our members regularly without having to spend your membership dues on postage. We still, however, have some members who do not yet have access to e-mail.  We don’t want to leave those members out! Please help us keep everyone informed about upcoming events and special SDP news. If there are members in your chapter who don’t e-mail, please assign someone in your chapter who does have e-mail to make copies of Chapter Happenings for those members. Then we can all be on the same page!

Chapter Marketplace

Chapter Marketplace is a great opportunity for chapters from all corners to present their own hand-painted goods for sale -- as well as special items with local flavor that may help define who we are and generate a better understanding among our decorative painting sisters and brothers. At this year’s event, planned for 8 to 11 p.m. Monday night of Conference, we will be taking donations at the door for heart disease research and education and encourage everyone to wear red to show their support for this cause. A special silent auction will be held as well to raise funds for the American Heart Association, featuring painted metal hearts by some of your favorite artists, including Brenda Stewart CDA, TDA; Arlene Beck MDA; Debbie Cole CDA; Helan Barrick MDA; Gloria Koskey MDA; Cindy Forsythe MDA; Jean Grommon MDA; Shara Reiner CDA; Doxie Keller TDA; Maxine Thomas, Della Wetterman and Jo Avis Moore MDA. The deadline to book a table for your chapter is April 15, so please send in your participation forms, available on page 8 of the Conference Special, as soon as possible. If you have questions with regard to the Marketplace, please contact Cristy at (316) 269-9300, ext. 114

Banquet Tables

If you attended the 2006 Conference in Nashville, you know that the Chapter banquet tables were a huge hit. You loved them so much last year that Chapter banquet tables will return. Is your chapter planning to decorate a table for SDP’s Banquet at Anaheim? There is still time to sign up, but you must let us know by April 15.

Tables are assigned on a first-come basis. Choose a theme inspired by this year’s Conference theme, “Wild About Painting,” or location – Anaheim, Calif. -- or set your imagination free! Your theme can be anything: a painting style, a hobby, a season of the year, a specific era, your state or region, you name it. Each table is 70” in circumference and will require a centerpiece and favors for 10. Table linens, dinnerware and flatware are provided by the hotel, but if you would like to make a tablecloth or chair covers to complete the look, please do so. The tables can be decorated from 1-5 p.m. on Saturday. (Chapters must pay for all their own decorations, giveaways, etc.) Banquet attendees will vote for outstanding designs and prizes will be awarded.

Even chapters – or individuals or groups -- who can not attend Conference can participate. Ship your table items to:
      Chapters Coordinator
      Society of Decorative Painters
      393 N. McLean Blvd
      Wichita KS 67203-5068
They must be received by May 15, 2006
A volunteer will be assigned to setup your table, if needed.

Start planning now and reserve your table by e-mailing Sue Bowers at or Sheila Rouse at You also may call Cristy Keeton at SDP Headquarters at (316) 269-9300, ext. 114. Don’t delay. There are a limited number of tables to decorate!

 Chapter Community Challenge

Throughout the 35-year history of SDP, our chapters have been well-known for the kind works they do in their communities. In fact, our chapters contribute tens of thousands of hours of public service each year. To celebrate these good works – and to inspire more – All American Crafts and PaintWorks magazine sponsored the Chapter Community Challenge, open to all SDP affiliated chapters. At press time, judging for this contest was still underway, but we wanted to acknowledge each and every chapter that participated and the wonderful projects they submitted. See Issue #2 of The Decorative Painter for a complete list of all the chapters who entered the contest. The winners will be announced in Issue #3. Watch for a feature story about the grand prize-winning chapter in PaintWorks.

Warmest wishes and thanks to all the generous chapters who entered the Chapter Community Challenge and to All American Crafts and PaintWorks for contributing $1,000 in prizes to make this popular contest possible.

 Honor Our Best

Where would we be without the special people who share their enthusiasm for decorative painting and dedication to SDP with others? If you know one of these inspiring individuals, now is the time to nominate them for an SDP Service Award. Submit your nomination in one or more of these categories: Silver Palette Award, Dedicated Service Award, Priscilla Hauser Award for Business and Industry and Outstanding Chapter Service Award. Awards will be presented at the 35th Annual SDP Conference in Anaheim, Calif. Nominations must be postmarked by April 23, 2007, to be considered by the Awards Committee. Visit the Membership area of for details and to download the nomination form.

 Booth Opportunity for Chapters

By Lori Dougan, SDP Conference Director
Interested in recruiting new members to your chapter? Have painted items that you would like to sell and raise money for your chapter? There is no better place to do this than on the Expo floor, May 30-June 2, 2007 at our annual Conference in Anaheim, Calif. For more information, please contact Lori Dougan at (316) 269-9300, ext 107 or Don’t delay! Booths are going fast.

Call for Volunteers

By Joan Simpson, Volunteer Chair
Hello Chapters and Painting Friends:
I am sending all of you a personal invitation to serve as a volunteer in Anaheim!  My name is Joan Simpson, and I have been asked to serve as your Volunteer Chair this year. I have openings in every area that is listed in your Conference Special on page #10. To serve as an election teller, you need to send me your SDP membership number.

Please talk to everyone in your chapter and family or friends that may be coming with you to Anaheim and ask for a few hours of their time to help out as a Conference volunteer. As noted in your Conference Special, all volunteers will receive a limited edition pin commemorating SDP's 35th birthday. Also, volunteers can earn a chance to win beautiful painted pieces that are being donated by some of our best known and beloved artists!

You can e-mail me at my personal address: or my professional address:
We need your help to help make Anaheim a memorable convention for all of us.  
Thank you and kind regards,
Joan Simpson

Caring for Children

By Lynda Goodman, Manatee Haven Decorative Artists, Citrus County, Fla.
Our chapter, Manatee Haven, sponsors a foster child every year. A while back we decided to sponsor the foster parents also since they do the work for the child.

The Citrus County Foster Parent program has a Christmas party for the Foster families each year and this year we were able to fill ten gift baskets will all types of "stuff" from our chapter. Each member donates as much as they can toward the gift baskets.

The contents of the baskets vary each year, but nearly all the items can be used for the care of the child: school supplies, medical supplies, household needs, anything that the foster parents might have to buy out of their pocket.

The families seem to really appreciate our effort!

Youth Art Month

By Lois Mueller, SDP PR Committee
Young people interested in art will become the next generation of SDP members, making it important for us to encourage this interest. Below are a couple of ideas for celebrating “Youth Art Month” by highlighting young people and their artwork and in turn giving your chapter and SDP some needed publicity. It is hoped that the ideas presented will get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps these ideas will help you plan an event that is unique to your area

1. Community Youth Art Exhibit

  • Contact your local art teachers to find out if some of their art students would be interested in displaying a few pieces of art work during Youth Art Month. If there is interest, contact local businesses to see if they would be willing to display the art work in their shops. The size of the business and its’ building could determine how many students could display at any one location. The businesses may be willing to include the exhibiting artists in any advertising that they might do during the exhibit time.
  • Write a press release including information about the event, the students exhibiting and the businesses that are participating. Send this release to local newspapers, radio stations and TV stations.
  • If you have enough volunteers, your chapter may want to hold a reception to bring all parties together to say thank you to one and all.
  • Always include information about your chapter and SDP at each display area, in every press release and with any other opportunity for publicity that may come up.

2. Youth Artist of the Month
This idea would be an ongoing event rather than just the period of time during Youth Art Month.

  • To create a “Youth Artist of the Month” program, begin by finding a location such as a library or a bank that would be willing to highlight 1 artist per month.
  • Next, contact the area art teacher or teachers for suggestions of art students that would be interested in being considered for this honor. The teacher may consent to select the students for you or a committee from your chapter could do this. You might want to look at the type of art work as some may be more appropriate for some months than others. Example:  florals for spring and summer months and maybe wildlife for fall.
  • An article about the artist plus a photo of the student and/or their art work could be sent to local newspapers.
  • Always include chapter and SDP information in any publicity and make sure it is posted at the exhibit. Let everyone know that your chapter is sponsoring this program.
  • Your chapter members can assist in hanging each exhibit, if needed.

This program will have a never-ending number of artists as the young people graduate and a new group of students take their places in the art classes.

The “Artist of the Month” program could easily be adapted for your chapter.  Select one of your members as “Artist of the Month”. It is a way of letting the public know about your member’s talents and maybe even increase your membership.

Mary Kay Anderson demonstrates the step-by-step process of painting an apple at the
Apply Valley Paint-In.

Apple Valley Paint-In

By Debbie Coover, Apple Valley Painters
Our chapter had a very nice paint-in last month on Jan. 20th 2007. One of our members, Mary Kay Anderson, taught us to paint on a tin apple along with gesso boards to make a wonderful 3-D picture. 
This is our chapter's 10th year with SDP and we are focusing on tin at each meeting and paint-in, in celebration of our anniversary.

Mary Kay did a great job of demonstrating and teaching both how to paint and how to apply tissue paper onto the gesso boards. This technique was fun to do and very interesting since many of us have never done this type of textured painting before.

Donna Dewberry hosted a Christmas Tea for the members of the Gulf-to-Bay Decorative Artists.

Christmas with Donna

By Gloria Schmertman, Gulf-to-Bay Decorative Artists, Sarasota, Fla.
Our chapter members were invited to a Christmas tea at Donna Dewberry's home on December 16, 2006. Donna is a member of our guild. Our 55 members dressed in our neon green chapter shirts and Christmas decor and traveled by bus to her beautiful home. The chapter took wrapped toys for children for Donna to distribute at Christmas. A great time was had by all!

Treasured Experiences

By Kerry Sides, Red Hat Decorative Brushes

On Feb. 26th, Chapter President Fran Swithenbank and I delivered 91 boxes to the Shriners Hospital  for Children in Sacramento, Calif. It was so much fun! We were met with open, smiling faces and gratitude for the boxes from the children. We met 2 of the clowns that donate their time for the children. They couldn't believe all the beautiful boxes that we brought! Many of our members purchased the boxes themselves and our chapter purchased the rest of them. Every one contributed their time to paint the boxes as well.

By Carol Maddox, Loaded Brush of Northwest Louisiana
The Loaded Brush of Northwest Louisiana in Shreveport made their first delivery of 58 treasure boxes on Feb. 20, 2007, to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Shreveport. Nearly all of the boxes delivered at that time were from our chapter, plus some by guest painters who attended our meetings. The contact person at the hospital is Tommy Hazen, Child Life Dept Head. The boxes were well received and everyone was picking out different ones they loved. They were excited because they have never received any of these treasure boxes before. We let them know we are planning another delivery for September 2007. The chapter had several Treasure Box painting days and everyone had a wonderful time painting. Hopefully, we will be receiving boxes from painters who are not members of our chapter (but who will become members of our chapter!) as well. 

For more information about the Treasure Boxes for Kids program, visit SDP’s website.

Colorful Palettes

By Marie Ellswort, Green Mountain Decorative Painters of Vermont
Members of Green Mountain Decorative Painters of Vermont painted palettes as part of a 2006-07 statewide community arts project called ‘Palettes of Vermont.” Artist decorated palettes provided by the Vermont Arts Council in any medium they wanted. The palettes have been displayed throughout the state.

By Marcie Miller,North Kitsap Herald

Painting Ladies

(Reprinted by permission from the Dec 2, 2006 edition of the North Kitsap Herald)
On a recent rainy night in Port Orchard a group of women sat around a craft table in a rec room crowded with art supplies, from paints and brushes to ornaments waiting to be painted. They were there to paint gingerbread men ornaments, but they were also there to talk about orphans half a world away who had none of these things. They wanted to change that.

The Puget Sound Tugboat Tolers, the Kitsap-based branch of the international Society of Decorative Painters, has decided to assemble art kits to send to orphans in the West African nation of Sierra Leone.
Service project chairwoman Carolyn Knapp explained that the club chooses a different project every year. This project came about through her connection with siblings Kim and Jeff Witt, local teachers who have traveled to Malawi, on the east coast of Africa, three times to teach orphans there.“It’s really awesome to see this group allow those over in Africa to benefit from what they’re doing,” Kim Witt said.

The Witts went to Malawi with an organization that has its roots, and home office, in Silverdale.
Children of the Nations was founded in 1995 by Chris and Debbie Clark, who saw the need for an orphans-only assistance organization while on a Youth for Christ mission to Africa. Chris was the organization’s director, but quit to start Children of the Nations.

Today Children of the Nations operates children’s homes in Malawi and Sierra Leone and offers other aid in the Dominican Republic and Uganda.

Knapp said she volunteered to head the service project this year on the condition that it be this project. “Jeff and Kim came one evening and talked to us about this project,” Knapp said. “Everyone was thrilled to death. We all wanted to jump in with both feet. It’s just such a wonderful (project) — we have so much and these kids have so little.”

The group regularly paints beautiful “memory boxes” for parents whose babies die shortly after birth, which are given to local hospitals. That is a national project. They have also painted cute teddy bears and cheerful bunnies on suitcases for foster children, who otherwise are given plastic garbage bags for their belongings when they go into foster care. This is the first time they will be sending their “care” packages this far.

The kits will go to children at the recently opened group home in war-torn Sierra Leone capitol of Freetown. While the children have their basics, food, health care, clothing and schooling, covered by Children of the Nations, every child deserves some extras.

Experts who work with children who have experienced the type of trauma many of these children have, say art therapy can be a crucial healing element.

The kits will contain an assortment of colored pencils, Crayons, markers, watercolors, paper and other art supplies. The group hasn’t decided yet how they will package the supplies, but you can bet it will be from the heart.

In addition to the service projects, the group gets together simply to enjoy painting, and learn new techniques.

They meet monthly at the Peace Lutheran Church in Bremerton, and host five evening “Paint-Ins” and at least one national teacher a year. Every other month a member leads a three-hour painting class featuring a fun project.

Tole painting originally referred to decorative painting applied to tin, but the subject has expanded to include anything that can be painted, using a variety of media. Members paint in oil, acrylic, watercolor and pen and ink, in styles ranging from realism to floral and folk art.

“If it holds still we paint it,” Monica Bayness, Tugboat Tolers president, said. Bayness is a certified “one-stroke” instructor, a traditional technique in which a wide brush is loaded with two or more colors, creating a blended effect with a single brush stroke. “We try to have a learning experience every month,” she said. “You never know what will be taught so you don’t want to miss a meeting.”

She was excited about an upcoming meeting at which the Scandinavian art of rosemaling would be taught.
The Puget Sound Tugboat Tolers always welcome new members or guests. The next meeting will be held 6:30-8:30 p.m. Jan. 15 at Peace Lutheran Church, 1234 Riddle Rd., Bremerton.
For more information visit
For information on Children of the Nations and its projects visit

Send a Card to a Soldier

By Judy Harvey CDA, Cherokee Trails Decorative Painters
I'm a member of the Cherokee Trail Decorative Painters in North Georgia. Our group takes part in the Guardian Angel Program and one of our members found an address for members of our armed forces that have been wounded. I thought rather than just our small group sending cards or angels, that it would make more of an impact if our whole decorative painting society sent cards and angels to our service members to let them know that we appreciate their sacrifices.
The address is:

"A Recovering American Soldier"
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001

Please consider including this address in your next chapter newsletter.

Ornaments for Anaheim

By Jo Lutness, SDP Treasurer
Linda O'Connell of Long Island, N.Y. got fired up when she heard about the Christmas Tree Ornament Fundraiser SDP is doing at Anaheim Conference. She began painting ornaments and then offered a free class to her students.  Linda and her students painted a total of 150 ornaments. A very active teacher, Linda shares her knowledge of painting at libraries, churches and other venues. SDP certainly owes her a tremendous debt of gratitude for her enthusiastic response to our request!

We are still accepting ornaments for the fundraiser. These ornaments will be for sale and on display on a Christmas tree at Anaheim Conference. If you would like to participate and are attending Conference, simply drop off your ornaments at the SDP Painters Boutique (sales booth) when you arrive. If you can’t make it to Conference, but would still like to paint ornaments and submit them for sale, please send them to Headquarters by April 1, 2007: SDP Ornaments, 393 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 67203-5968.

Chapter Snapshots

Artie Friederick is one of the members of the Shenandoah Valley Decorative Painters in Woodstock, Va., who designed and painted the windows of Skyline Terrace Nursing Home with holiday decorations, as a community service project. Photo submitted by B.J. Grey.

The Southern Maryland Decorative Painters enjoyed a seminar with Maxine Thomas Feb. 1-3. Photo submitted by Debbie Reece.

Phyllis Tilford CDA, founding president of Brevard Brush Strokes in Melbourne Fla., recently gave a workshop in February for her members. Phyllis was made a lifetime member in honor of her founding member status. Photo submitted by Alise Duerr.

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