2016 Conference Classes Still Available

We’ve been spreading the good news that you can get the early bird rate when you register to attend the 44th Annual Society of Decorative Painters International Conference & Expo, June 6-11, 2016 in San Diego, all the way through Friday, June 3!

Here’s some more good news – you still have the opportunity to register and sign up to take additional classes with your favorite teachers!


Starting way back in December, we started introducing you to our Conference teachers to give you a preview of what you can expect to learn when you take their classes. Take a moment to review our Meet the Teachers Blog Series posts to check out whose teaching and which classes you can still register to take!

Visit this page to browse and read more about these classes and more, and all of our Conference events.

Register online here!

Kansas Wheathearts help welcome new JoAnn’s store

Our staff and Kansas Wheathearts Decorative Painters Chapter members participated in the grand opening of the JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts store in the Westgate Market in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday, April 9. Our members showed store shoppers how easy it is to learn to paint by teaching three simple make-it take-it projects. Not only did the shoppers enjoy the projects, but the JoAnn’s store staff was thrilled with the turnout and invited our members back to hold monthly events!

Contact your local arts and crafts store manager to see how your Chapter may be able to hold a similar event. It’s a great opportunity to interact with your community and meet painters who may be interested in learning more about your Chapter’s activities.

Check out some pictures from the event.

National Volunteer Week: Friendly Faces

As told by Winnie Sutton

I am a Charter member of the Northern California Decorative Artists; we got our Charter in 1975.

I have attended the Society of Decorative Painters International Conference & Expo 37 times, and was Registration Chairman of the 1982 Conference in San Francisco. I have attended 33 Conferences since that Conference, and have volunteered to work in the registration/check-in area for all of them.

Even though I could not find a class that I wanted to take at some of those Conferences, I attended them anyway to see my friends from all over the country, and to make new friends. I have volunteered in positions other than registration, but nothing beats being a registration volunteer. Registration is where all attendees make their first impression, and you, the volunteer, have to make them feel welcome! I will be attending this year’s Conference in San Diego and am hoping that I am assigned to work in the registration area again. Look for me there!

Fill out the Volunteer Form to donate your time at the 44th Annual Society of Decorative Painters International Conference & Expo, June 6-11, 2016, in San Diego, California. Send your completed form to Sue Bowers, Conference Volunteer Committee Organizer, via email or snail mail, per the instructions provided on the form.


This week, April 10-16, is National Volunteer Week. National Volunteer Week is an annual occurrence when organizations in the United States and Canada promote and show appreciation for volunteerism.

Have a volunteer story to share? Send your story to sdp@decorativepainters.org and we’ll share it on our social media.

P.S. Good news! To help you plan your trip to San Diego, we’re giving you the opportunity to save on registration for the 44th Annual Society of Decorative Painters International Conference & Expo all the way through Friday, June 3! Register now to save up to $30 on your Conference registration!