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Meet the Teacher Blog Series: Meet Cynthia Estes

Registration for Oceans of Color, our 45th Annual SDP International Conference & Expo, is open! For the past several weeks, we’ve introduced you to some of our class teachers so you can learn about the projects they’ll be teaching and why you should register for their classes.

Today we meet Cynthia Estes!

Read our interview with Cynthia to learn more about her background and her mixed media class, Brickyard Poppies at Oceans of Color!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a retired Flight Data Communication Specialist. I have four grown children and six grandchildren. I live in Indiana and love to garden and grow my own vegetables. I am an avid reader and news addict!

I learned to paint in the mid-1980s. I learned “disco” painting…disco here, disco there, don’t worry about why! I soon branched out and was self-taught for years but still just followed instructions without knowing why I did what I did. Then in 2007 I started taking classes from Gaby Hunter and Sue Pruett and I learned how to understand color and make it work for me.

I began teaching the Traditions Education Program online to more than 70 students around the world. Since 2012, I’ve been designing and working with mixed media. That is where I found my muse. I have now taught at several SDP Chapters, including my own, Indy Decorative Artists, and at three large conventions. My designs are available for purchase on ArtApprenticeOnline.com or by contacting me directly at cindi3021@yahoo.com.

Another part of my artist life is that I am a face painter. The company that I own with my partner Donna Harcourt is called Artistic Colors and we do our state fair, county fair, and corporate and private parties. It’s an entirely different mode of painting and your “canvas” is different on every one of your customers. We do children and adults alike. You build your design from the bottom up!

In a few words, tell us about the class you’re teaching at Oceans of Color.

Brickyard Poppies is a design that grew out of my love for teaching color relationships and for painting mixed media techniques. In this design you will learn how to manipulate textures for realism, how to use different mediums to enhance your structures, and how to make color work for you and your vision.

Why should someone take your class?

If you think color is mysterious, this is the class that will open up a new understanding about how to use color. If you like mixed media but wonder how to “start”, this class will give you a good foundation.

What are you looking forward to the most at Oceans of Color?

Getting to teach again! I love teaching. I will also be glad to see friends I haven’t seen in a few years.

What do you love most about the painting industry?

I love the creativity and never-ending flow of people who are open to sharing and inspiring new and beautiful things to create.

Register for Cynthia's class and our other classes and events at Oceans of Color.

Thank you for tuning into our Meet the Teachers blog series. Relive the entire series here, and make sure you are signed up for all the classes you want to take at Oceans of Color in Daytona Beach in May!

Meet the Teacher: Meet Sue Pruett MDA

Registration for An Artful Journey, the 44th Annual SDP International Conference & Expo, is open! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be introducing you to some of our class teachers so you can read about their live classes and what you can expect to learn from them. This week we meet Sue Pruett MDA! Sue is the Chair of our Certification Program Committee. sue-pruett-close-up Think you’re incapable of becoming a better painter? Think again! Register for Sue’s skills workshop Elements of Painting Excellence (9005), which she will be teaching with Dianne Crowther MDA. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence that you need to advance your painting skills. Master Keys art4_sm Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born and raised in Southern California and now reside in Oceanside, a suburb of San Diego. I’ve been married for 31 years to my husband Chris, and have two beautiful daughters ages 28 and 26. Besides paintings I enjoy the beach, exercise, gardening, and all outdoor activities. Teaching others how to paint has always been very rewarding to me, and I’ve been lucky to travel the world doing that. Now I’m one of the co-owners at Art Apprentice Online. We teach online painting classes, produce an online e-magazine, and sell products and e-packets. You can see my products at www.artapprenticeonline.com. How many years have you participated in the SDP International Conference & Expo? I’ve been a member of SDP since 1980 (36 years) and have only missed a few Conferences. What is your favorite part of the SDP International Conference & Expo? My favorite part is visiting my lifelong friends who I’ve met through attending the Conference over the years. I’ve also enjoyed giving back to SDP by volunteering for the Certification Program at the annual Conference and throughout the year for the last 20 years. Shopping the Expo, the parties, and the painting classes are also key highlights of the event. How would you describe a live class at the SDP International Conference & Expo to someone who has never attended before? Conference classes are exciting, and give students the opportunity to take classes from both new and favorite teachers. Learning new techniques is always a bonus of attending classes. Why should someone take your class? My class is theory based focusing on how artists use color temperature (cool/warm) to create dynamic paintings. Temperature is the second most important concept next to value in a painting. Take my class and you’ll learn how easy it is to use color/temperature placement to create depth, and realism! What is the best advice you can offer about attending the SDP International Conference & Expo, whether someone is attending for the first time or has attended for years? Volunteer, and be a part of all the functions and festivities. You will meet some wonderful people who will become new friends. What do you love most about the painting industry? What I love most about the industry is how anyone can learn to paint and be an artist. If there is a desire to learn, anyone can paint. I am a true example of that. When I started painting I was the worst one in the class. Through practice and perseverance, my skills improved. What do you love most about SDP membership? SDP has always been an important part of my life. SDP has helped me stay connected and develop a career in painting and teaching. SDP’s Certification Program has given me the skills and knowledge to become a better artist. Register to take this class and our other Conference programs before they sell out! Stay tuned on the SDP Blog next week when we will meet our Board Secretary, Linda Sharp CDA!