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Meet the Exhibitor Blog Series: Meet The Brush Guys

Who is exhibiting at the 44th Annual Society of Decorative Painters International Conference & Expo in San Diego this June? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring the companies that are exhibiting right here on the SDP Blog! Make sure you get an Expo ticket so you can see their latest products and shop their Expo specials, June 9-11 at the Town and Country Resort.

First up, meet The Brush Guys!

Just who are The Brush Guys anyway? Watch this video to learn about their products and how you can get a free brush at the Expo in their booth #505!


Meet the Artist: Meet Kim Warren

Issue #2 of the 2016 The Decorative Painter magazine will mail to all current members of the Society of Decorative Painters next week! Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to the artists in the upcoming issue and share the inspiration behind their finished projects.

This week, meet Kim Warren and learn about her project “A Hunting We Will Go”.


By Kim Warren

I am honored to be sharing one of my designs with you in the next issue of The Decorative Painter. My project is titled, “A Hunting We Will Go”. The design was inspired by the work of Peter Ompir, whose work, I just love!

The characters in Peter Ompir’s pieces are wonderfully whimsical. I tried to emulate that whimsy in my design. Hunting is often the theme in Ompir’s work and is the theme of my design as well. When choosing a subject, that was easy! There is a pheasant hunter and a bird dog near and dear to my heart, my husband David and our dog Gus.


This intermediate level project was painted using Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours, as are most of my projects. This design was painted in transparent layers. I use Jo Sonja’s Retarder Medium to slow the drying time of the acrylic paint and to allow a smooth coverage with excellent blend ability! If you are not used to working with this medium, it might be a bit of a challenge for you, but it is definitely worth the effort!

a hunting we will go

If you are painting this design and run into any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at kimmbearly2003@yahoo.com.

I hope you are looking forward to the next issue of The Decorative Painter as much as I am! Happy painting!

2016 Conference Classes Still Available

We’ve been spreading the good news that you can get the early bird rate when you register to attend the 44th Annual Society of Decorative Painters International Conference & Expo, June 6-11, 2016 in San Diego, all the way through Friday, June 3!

Here’s some more good news – you still have the opportunity to register and sign up to take additional classes with your favorite teachers!


Starting way back in December, we started introducing you to our Conference teachers to give you a preview of what you can expect to learn when you take their classes. Take a moment to review our Meet the Teachers Blog Series posts to check out whose teaching and which classes you can still register to take!

Visit this page to browse and read more about these classes and more, and all of our Conference events.

Register online here!