Test your Skills Quiz 1

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Is a tipped stroke an indication of a double-loaded stroke?

Can strokes be fat or skinny?

Must linework be the same thickness throughout the design or can it vary in thickness if it is consistent throughout?

Must strokes that are along a line flow gracefully and touch the line or not touch the line?

Does a Stroke design require a center of interest?

Is it required to add antiquing to the background and frame?

Are elements that are added to a design judged?

Should a shadow show three values?

Does altering the intensity of a color change its temperature?

Which is the dullness or brightness of a color?

Which is the lightness or darkness of a color?

If the background is a soft warm yellow would a cool blue violet butterfly come forward or recede?

What is a tint of color?

When a flower in the design is in the center of interest and is lying on its side, not straight on, will all the petals have the same amount of values and intensities?

Can I show my entry to my friends on the Internet before my entry is judged?

When painting the design, can a monochromatic color scheme be used?

Would an applicant get a reduction of score if an element is accidentally left out?

Is it necessary to copy a multi-petal flower petal for petal?

Does a Still Life need resting or sit-down shadows?

Should the frame be treated as part of the background and support the design or should it stand out and be noticed?

When an MDA Floral design depicts part of an object laying over the leafing, do you keep it the same values and intensities as the rest of the object?

If you choose not to develop a center of interest for the stroke design, would an antiqued background be appropriate?

Are transparent strokes or ridges acceptable on a stroke design?

Are you allowed to add a cloth under the objects in the CDA or Master Still Life?

Must a flip on a leaf be painted if it is shown on the line drawing?

If the line drawing shows a flower center, must it be painted?

Should the liner on the frame have a lot of contrast?

When adding comma strokes as a trim on a round container in a Still Life, would the strokes stay the same size?

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