Test Your Skills Quiz 7

Test your knowledge! Answers will be posted with the next issue of the SDP Certification Happenings eZine.

When painting linework in the stroke category, can it change from thick to thin in one area and then be another thickness in another, or should it stay consistent throughout the design?

When doing crosshatching in the stroke category, should the open areas be perfect squares or should they curve slightly to form diamonds on a round shape?

A stroke design may or may not have a center of interest, but it must have...

How important is the color of the frame to the design?

Are all the members of the Certification Committee MDAs?

How many judges get together to write the critique?

If there are twelve judges judging, how many of them judge one board?

When a color is more intense than the background, will it come forward in the design?

When a color is less intense than the background, will it settle back in the design?

If you add a tablecloth or an extra apple in the design, will that be judged, or will your additions to the design impress the judges?

What does it mean when it says that the “choice of color for the background is not supportive”?

When would a color be too dark for the position in the design?

What are the first two things that the judges notice about a painting that are very important to have?

Why would the judges prefer a satin finish rather than a glossy finish?

Must you paint a stroke design in a style?