Test your Skills Quiz 5

Can you use a board that you purchased from SDP a few years ago or do you have to purchase a new one every year?

Do you have to use the same carton that the surface kit came in to mail your entry?

Can you purchase a new carton if you do not have one or it was ruined?

Why is it so important to mail in your entry during the time frame given?

What categories do not require a center of interest?

When working on a dark background it is called:

Can Color create a mood in a painting?

Do light colors always advance and dark colors always recede?

How important is the temperature of a color to help an object advance or recede in a painting?

What is the most important part of a painting but must be the least noticed?

Can the border line on the MDA Stroke tray be moved or must it stay in the position it is shown in the line drawing?

When selecting a color for the frame, is it necessary for it to be in your color scheme?

Do the judges know what country the entries come from?

What is the claim ticket used for?

Can your number be placed on the back of your board with a permanent marker or do you need to paint it on?