Test your Skills Quiz 4

Should a Still Life have sit-down shadows?

Is it required to paint the lip of a container if it is shown on the line drawing?

In a stroke design must you paint the comma strokes exactly as they are drawn or can you make some fatter, or thinner as long as they graduate in size as shown in the line drawing?

What does it mean when the judges write that the “strokes flow with the line of the design”

If you select to do a stroke rose instead of a blended rose may you make it larger than the rose in the line drawing?

If the line drawing shows a round object that could be interpreted as a cranberry could you change it to be a blueberry?

A monochromatic color scheme is the use of one color and is not acceptable. May you use a color scheme that has only two colors?

How important is it to paint the back of the board and give it a coat of varnish?

A black frame looks good with the design but it is not in your color scheme. Should you select another color?

What does it mean when more intensity control is needed to create flow and interest?