Nine reasons to start (or join!) an SDP chapter

With more than 250 chapters around the world, it’s clear that chapters are a great thing cherished by many painters. If there is no chapter in your area, it may be time to start your own. It only takes four registered members to start, and many benefits can come from forming a chapter. Here are ten of our favorites. 1. Chapters hold regular paint-ins, a scheduled time dedicated to painting with friends an indulging in your favorite pastime. 2. SDP gives our chapters access to suppliers, teachers, conferences, and education. It provides the structure for members to grow together in their painting abilities within a supportive community. 3. Chapters provide a time and place for formal instruction. Chapters allow members to organize retreats, community events, and more. 4. As a part of a group of like-minded artists, members can show new work through show-and-tells, critique on progress, and become mentors to new painters. 5. SDP affiliated chapters enjoy the benefits of the Society, including low-cost insurance for meeting facilities, liability insurance, and support from SDP headquarters on fundraising ideas, event planning, marketing efforts, and more. 6. Chapters provide an ongoing support group for both painting and everyday life. Lifelong friends are made in chapters, and countless artists have reported that painting and chapter membership are “better than therapy.” 7. Fantastic discounts and special offers—on paint, surfaces, brushes, and other supplies—are available to chapters from SDP business members. 8. Chapters support their community through ongoing charitable contributions such as the Tole Friends Memory Box Program, holding paint-ins for the young and old, and too many other ways to list. Chapters are a strong, positive force in their communities and enrich the environment with creativity and beauty. 9. Best of all, chapters are just plain FUN! If you would like to start a chapter in your area, please contact SDP Chapters Coordinator Becky Gray at (316) 269-9300 ext. 107 or To find a nearby chapter in your area, search the directory at