August Paint Party: Octopus’ Garden Tea Party

August is the unofficial "Celebrate the Beatles" month, so, being all things British, let's have a tea party and celebrate the fun and wacky world of one of their most bewildering songs, Octopus' Garden. You may wonder, just what is an octopus' garden and why did The Beatles feel so strongly about it? The story begins in 1968–just four years before the formation of the Society of Decorative Painters. Ringo Starr, famed drummer for the Beatles, was on a boat trip with his family off the coast of Sardina, Italy. The captain of the boat offered him an Octopus lunch, which Ringo turned down. But then the captain began telling the Beatle all the things he knew about Octopus. It seems Octopuses love to decorate—they like to gather bits of shiny things and colorful stones to create their own personel gardens under the sea. Ringo liked the idea so much, he wrote the song Octopus’s Garden, with a little help from his friend George Harrison. This was the second song written by Ringo Starr to appear on a Beatles album. The song came out in August 1969, on the album Abbey Road. Only Ringo Starr knows if that is the real story behind the song, but we'll host a tea party and paint treasures together that any Octupus would be thrilled to have in their garden. Have fun with this party, invite some friends or family over, and share your love of decorative painting with them. Perhaps they'll want to start decorating their own garden, with hand painted treasures they they can learn to create themselves! Download the full Octopus' Garden Party Plan Download the Octopus' Party Projects Download the Tea Party Menu Download the Beatles Jeopardy Game