Paint and Party with SDP – Yellow Pig Day, July 17

Yes, there really is a Yellow Pig Day. It all started in the early 1960s on the Princeton University campus when mathematician students Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly became interested in the unusual properties of the number seventeen. During their research, a yellow pig was dreamed up—something along the lines of seventeen toes, seventeen eyelashes, and seventeen hairs on its chinny-chin-chin. Voilà! Yellow Pig Day was born. It is now celebrated all over the world, and it seems like a wonderful day for a painting party. So, let’s go outside, enjoy the summer air, paint yellow piggy banks and a beautiful pig wooden tray, perfect for any kitchen, and have a barbecue. Invite your friends, throw a party with your chapter or in your studio, and invite some future painters in for an introduction (or a reintroduction) to the joy of decorative painting. To learn more about yellow pigs and the traditions behind the holiday, visit Take some photos during your party and send them to, and we’ll show off your painting online! Full Party Plan Projects Recipes