Focus on Education – Let’s Teach Painting with Priscilla Hauser MDA

Paint and Party with Priscilla—It Will Work Magic for Your Business! Have you heard about Paint and Party? Franchises are popping up all over the country! They have different names and are presented in any number of formats: some classes meet in restaurants where students eat and paint, some meet in art stores or private studios, some enjoy wine and cheese while painting. These classes are perfect for a date night, birthday party, girls’ night out—the list goes on. And guess what? They’re working! Students are painting, learning, and having fun. In 2008 I began Paint and Party with Priscilla in Tulsa. It worked beautifully. I advertised the classes on my website, and I charged no more than forty-five dollars for each class, supplies included. Class enrollment grew steadily, but I had to stop due to the seriousness of my husband’s illness. The Paint and Party concept has caught on in Tulsa, and now it’s expanding dramatically throughout the United States. Please join me at SDP’s 40th Anniversary Conference in Wichita for my special event, Let’s Teach Painting. I will teach you about this concept that introduces painting to people who never learned how to hold a brush—students who will be coming back to you for more. The two canvas projects that I will present in class are paintings that have been tested in my own studio and can be taught in about three hours. I will also teach you how to plan, promote, and host these classes. I hope you will join me; this will be an exciting educational event that will help you open the door to our incredible world of painting for many soon-to-be decorative painters! For more information and to register, please visit the event page at   Priscilla Hauser MDA email Priscilla