Focus on Education – Bonnie Frederico CDA

My challenge is to do a simple apple with a layering technique to make it look realistic. I will be using Prismacolor wax based pencils to create the desired effect; they are a translucent medium.

First you must transfer your apple design onto a piece of Stonehenge paper that has been mounted onto a piece of hardboard.  Use a stylus, but not too much pressure or you'll dent the paper.  There are several other types of paper you could use but for this project Stonehenge is heavy enough for burnishing and has just enough tooth, something like an English muffin with nooks and crannies to catch the color. You always must use a very sharp pencil, so a good pencil sharpener is in order.

The colored pencil is laid down by using either a linear stroke or a circular stroke which resembles a “Brillo” pad, for those of you who remember Brillo pads.  The color is applied using different pressures, light, medium or heavy depending on the desired effect and the number of layers that you will be applying.  Sometimes I might start by applying the medium value and get lighter and then darker.  Other times I might start with the lightest value because that would be my highlight as in the apple and get progressively darker.

I used seven colored pencils from light to dark to give the apple form.  If needed, use different tools to give the apple an overall finished and blended look.  Depending on the way you applied the pencil you might blend with a clear wax pencil as long as you don't have a waxy finish. If so, you might blend with a stump which would blend without adding more wax.

After your picture is finished spray with a workable fixative to protect it.  If you decide to frame, make sure that you use a mat so the glass is not resting on the picture. My students love doing pencil projects because they are so portable.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of a colored pencil project. It might make you want to give it a try. If so, go to my Web site,  to find available packets.

Thank you, Bonnie Frederico CDA