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Celebrate 40 Years of Decorative Arts with Painted Couture!

Have you finished your Painted Couture for Conference? Join us in the celebration and show up to Conference in style! We are encouraging all conference participates to celebrate our 40th Ruby Anniversary in style with painted attire. SDP President Sue Bowers created this fun "Birthday" design to Celebrate 40 Years of Painting with SDP. Paint your own interpretation of the design on anything you want — bags, vests, jackets, blouse, pants, skirts, even your shoes. Follow your own design sense as to color — just be sure to keep the Ruby red! Feeling inspired? Create your own designs to celebrate four decades of decorative painting.From SDP board member Susan Phillips: Let's show off our talents at the "Flights of Fancy"-- Celebrating 40 Years of Painting SDP Conference and Expo, May 14-19, 2012 in Wichita, Kansas. Express your own Flights of Fancy couture creativity! See you in Wichita! A challenge from SDP board member Susan Phillips! My chapter, the Cactus Wren Decorative Artists from Phoenix, Arizona is CHALLENGING everyone attending, to paint clothing or accessories for the party. We have been painting and designing our couture clothes to stand out as a group. As reported by our President Sue Bowers, there will be prizes for the best painted couture! So, let's see how many of you are up for this challenge. Let's get those brushes painting! Download the pattern For the full size design, just click the link, above, and the full .pdf of the design will open. You can also visit the members' section of www.decorativepainters.org. Find the design near the top of the page, to the left of the Sherry C. Nelson project, Malachite & Queen's Wreath.