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January Paint Party – Inspire Your Heart With Art

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Wear Red, Raise Your Voice Celebrate the 10th Birthday of “Go Red for Women”

Heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined, according to the American Heart Association. Let’s show our support for a cure to the No.1 killer of our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. Support women’s heart-health this February and all through the year. The January SDP Paint Party is “Inspire Your Heart with Art.” We know that painting is good for the mind, body, and spirit. The mere act of creating is an essential part of who we are as painters. This month’s project is all about getting started on the road to a happier and healthier you for the 2014. Check out our heart-healthy recipes (that are also tasty) and the special New Year's journal project. There are also suggestions for low-impact exercise. Painting with friends is good for you. So hold your own Inspire Your Heart with Art Party. Send us photos. We love seeing your creative spirit at work.

SHOW YOUR RED—February 7th

ruby pin   lanyard and pin_bundle SDP has our wonderful Ruby Rhinestone Pin and the Ruby Lanyard on sale, just $10 each, or buy the set and get one for 50% off—that's both for $15, plus shipping & handling. Order online: Ruby Rhinestone Pin and Ruby Lanyard Set - $15 Or order by phone at (316) 269-9300. PaintParty is available as a downloadable PDF for viewing on your computer, iPad, Kindle Fire, or other mobile device. Download Files Paint Party Plan PaintParty_thumb_1-14

August Paint Party – Creepy Crawlies Everywhere

UFO Paint Party copy Summer is almost over. Kids are heading back to school, but there are still great weekends for lots of family and friends fun. In my family, we take turns entertaining (and educating) the kids. So, depending on the weekend, it could be time at Grandma’s house, Auntie’s farm, or Cool Uncle Jerry’s cabin. August Paint PartyLast week, my littlest nephew came running in with a Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda Maxima) on his hand. For those of you who are not familiar with the Huntsman spider, they are big and scary-looking spiders, but are completely harmless. Check out: That gave me an idea for this month’s paint party—Creepy Crawly Weekend Camp. We will get to learn more about creepy crawlies with our scavenger hunt, put together some “bug” food, and paint. Deby Welty TDA has a wonderful “Web Designs” project for fabric painting on tee shirts, which will make for great Halloween party attire in just a couple of months. I've included a “make your own explorer’s bag” sewing project, too. Family Summer Day Camp isn't just for your kids. Invite the neighborhood—young and old can have fun together, learn something about the nature around them, eat great food, and have fun painting together. For those of you in chapters, you might want to save this party plan for October and use it as a new member or student member project for International Decorative Painting Month (IDPM). PaintParty is available as downloadable PDFs for viewing on your computer, iPad, Kindle Fire, or other mobile device. Download Files Full Party Plan Project Recipes Activity august2013_thumb

May Paint Party – Its a Safari!

mayPartyOut of Africa by Isak Dinesen is one of my favorite books. Recently, I was asked to pick the book for my literary group. So Out of Africa was it. The book is a lavish, true account of Baroness Karen Blixen’s (later to write under the pen name Isak Dine- sen) life on her plantation in Kenya from 1914 to 1931. It is obvious that Blixen loved both Africa and her life there. This book has inspired me in many ways and I was thrilled to share it with my group, who had never read it before. My dear friend was to host the book group when we met for this title. And though Patty is the greatest of friends and the dearest of hearts, when it comes to parties she is lost. So I suggested that we do an African Safari night, with theme food. I brought along a great paint project designed by Patience Campbell of Birmingham, Alabama. Maybe this group needs to change our name to Wheatland Books and Paints! We had a great time exploring the Africa of the early twentieth-century through Blixen’s eyes, and painting Safari-inspired jewelry for ourselves. Share this party with friends, family, painters and non-painters alike. You never know who will find the spark of creativity in decorative painting! Party Plan Project Recipes Activity