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And the Award Goes to … (The season is upon us, so let’s paint)

UFO Paint Party copy
  The Awards Season is just getting started. There are awards for music, television, movies, models, and even the best Red Carpet look. Many of us love getting together with friends to watch the Grammys, Tonys, CMA, Emmys, Golden Globes, and, yes, the Oscars. Even though we all love to dress for the occasion, usually wearing our more insane Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 10.00.34 AMdresses, there really isn't much to do after we have turned on the television, and filled our plates and glasses. So let’s paint. To create a more “awards-friendly” ambiance, take a runner of red carpet, red plastic table cloth or fabric, and double-sided tape. Roll out the red carpet starting from your front door, moving into the room. Make sure to use the double-sided tape to secure it —there is nothing worse for a “star” than to trip on the Red Carpet. Set up a camera on a tripod and lighting, so that you can video your guests as they arrive. Make sure to have some thought-provoking interview questions at hand: Who are you painting tonight? What is your next project? Whose products will you be painting with this evening? And are you serious about your leading man/lady? For the paint project, Sue Bowers, past president of SDP, has provided us with a simple mixed-media wall art project that everyone can individualize with ease.
We will be having our own awards ceremony at the end of the evening, so you will want to have on hand “awards” or certificates for a number of categories. Make sure to keep acceptance speeches to a two minute maximum. The full party plan including projects, recipes, and activities is included below. Download PDF's, or view online. Awards Party Projects Recipes Activity

September Paint Party – Forget Football, Let’s Paint!

Okay, I admit it ... I’m not a football fan. In fact, I’m not sure I can even name more than one or two teams. but here it is, autumn, and it seems that the vast majority of my family (men, women, and kids over 13) are glued to the TV, watching college and professional football. On the other hand, I do LOVE to paint! Leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and the weather is perfect for a walk. Invite the kids or a friend to join you and grab a basket to gather beautiful leaves, and head for the park, the country, or another place that is full of nature and lots of trees. This is a perfect project to do with your kids, with the grandkids (September is National Grandparents month!) or just anyone who you can find to paint with you! You'll use these leaves for the September Paint Party. To get started, download the party plan, complete with a painting project, recipes, and non-football activities and invite over family, friends, current painters, and those who have never held their first brush. Share the joy of painting and have fun creating, whether the game is on or not! Party Plan Recipes Activities

August Paint Party: Octopus’ Garden Tea Party

August is the unofficial "Celebrate the Beatles" month, so, being all things British, let's have a tea party and celebrate the fun and wacky world of one of their most bewildering songs, Octopus' Garden. You may wonder, just what is an octopus' garden and why did The Beatles feel so strongly about it? The story begins in 1968–just four years before the formation of the Society of Decorative Painters. Ringo Starr, famed drummer for the Beatles, was on a boat trip with his family off the coast of Sardina, Italy. The captain of the boat offered him an Octopus lunch, which Ringo turned down. But then the captain began telling the Beatle all the things he knew about Octopus. It seems Octopuses love to decorate—they like to gather bits of shiny things and colorful stones to create their own personel gardens under the sea. Ringo liked the idea so much, he wrote the song Octopus’s Garden, with a little help from his friend George Harrison. This was the second song written by Ringo Starr to appear on a Beatles album. The song came out in August 1969, on the album Abbey Road. Only Ringo Starr knows if that is the real story behind the song, but we'll host a tea party and paint treasures together that any Octupus would be thrilled to have in their garden. Have fun with this party, invite some friends or family over, and share your love of decorative painting with them. Perhaps they'll want to start decorating their own garden, with hand painted treasures they they can learn to create themselves! Download the full Octopus' Garden Party Plan Download the Octopus' Party Projects Download the Tea Party Menu Download the Beatles Jeopardy Game