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Starting the Paint Process by Tom Jones

Hardly a watercolor artist has looked at that expensive and pristine sheet of watercolor paper lying in front of him or her and not felt intimated. Thoughts of “Where and how shall I start to lay in the color?” and “What if I ruin the painting right at the start” cross the mind. I recommend that you not jump right in to doing a painting, but rather play first. Don’t give yourself a goal or preconceived idea of a finished product, but just practice mixing colors, laying down color, then dropping in another color. Practice painting shapes of trees, rocks, flowers, etc. Spatter color onto a sheet of paper; loosen up and just have fun moving around the paper to see what color combinations you can create. This is how I, and many professional artists, start the day. This way, you learn the medium first. You would be surprised how many great paintings develop from just playing with the medium.

Before jumping into a large painting, pick four colors and do a smaller painting (7 x 9 inches is a good size). By doing a smaller practice painting first, you will automatically keep the subject simple and you will not feel overwhelmed by having to fill a large sheet of paper with color. When you move to the larger painting, grab the same colors and a large 1-inch flat brush and lay in the color with the same simplicity. Then use a no. 8 round brush to complete the final detail work. Spend more time playing with watercolor and you will be a better watercolor painter.

I hope this will make your approach to painting watercolor easier and more fun.

Tom Jones

2013 Annual Meeting Results and News

SDP Board Elections


Donna Frost – President
Pat Marler – VP, Pres Elect – ELECTED
Allison Leeds – Secretary – ELECTED
Marge Thompson – Treasurer
Karen Allen – Board
Toni Hoffer – Board – ELECTED
Linda Sharp CDA – Board – ELECTED
Kathy Swigon CDA – Board – ELECTED
Wendy M. Watson – Board
Linda Neilson Biedermann TDA – PAST PRES

Susan Phillips – Nominating Chair
Sharon Buononato CDA – ELECTED
Debbie Carrell
Kim Falk – ELECTED
Antonia (Toni) Girten – ELECTED


Student Membership: Passed
Changes: $15 fee, non-voting, cannot hold office

Trial Membership: Passed


Read the full proposals

SDP Foundation Scholarships

Sandra Harvey $275
Comprehensive core painting course with Art Appreciation Online

Denise Finnestad: $450
Taking a class at Madeline Island School of Arts (MISA)

Community Outreach
Joyce Costelak: $400
Star a series of dec. painting classes for high risk high school students

Harbor Lights Painters Chapter: $500
Three half day workshops to introduce non-painters to decorative painting


Silver Palette Award: Mary Kingslan–Gibilisco CDA
Priscilla Hauser Business Award: Bob and Katie Van Horn of Bear with Us
Outstanding Chapter Service Award: Sherry Coquette member of Pacific Coast Artits in California
Dedicated Service Award: Phyllis Gibbs–Former SDP board member (4 years) and or former President of
Heart of Ohio Tole (4 years)

Passing Certification Entries

CDA Still Life
Sanae Deguchi CDA Chiba, Japan
Kyoko Matsubara CDA Shiga, Japan
Masami Yamada CDA Hyogo, Japan
Deborah A. Bonnewell CDA Churchville, New York

CDA Stroke
Ji Young Lim CDA Gyeonggi, South Korea
Seon Mi Jin CDA Gyeonggi, South Korea
Jaesun Yu CDA Gyeonggi, South Korea
Ji Suji CDA Gyeonggi, South Korea
Su Hee Lee CDA Chungcheongnam, South Korea
Ling Zhang CDA Beijing, China
Mi Suk Kang CDA Kyung Ki Do, South Korea

MDA Stroke
Young Hee Park CDA Gyeonggi, South Korea
I-Fen Chang CDA Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

MDA Still Life
Akemi Yamazaki CDA Kanagawa, Japan
Kimiko Maeda CDA Kanagawa, Japan
Eriko Nakamura CDA San Francisco, California

MDA Floral
Noriko Fukuda CDA Kyoto, Japan
Hiroko Kibushi CDA Niigata, Japan
Atsuko Tanaka CDA Saitama, Japan

New MDA – (Floral)
Hiroko Okada MDA Osaka, Japan **